Strathyre Emergency Response Team

Strathyre has a team of volunteers with an agreed Emergency Plan for the village to manage any Major Emergency situation. This is known as the Strathyre Emergency Response Team.

Strathyre has a DEFIBULATOR used for emergency Heart Start Resuscitation. The DEFIB unit can be found in the Yellow Box on the outside wall of the village shop/PO – the wall facing the A84 – opposite Ben Shenn Hotel. The box is unlocked and can be used by anyone – switch on and follow instructions. Best to have a second person to offer help if possible. The second person can dial 999 immediately.

The Strathyre Emergency Response Team

The SER Team is NOT a replacement for Emergency Services and in any very serious Emergency such as Injury or Accident, the First immediate action is to Dial 999 and provide accurate information. If another person is available they may wish to contact any member of the Strathyre Emergency Response Team volunteers to seek help until Emergency services arrive.

The SERT will manage a wide range of emergencies including the following:

  • Severe Flooding – checking the safety of Strathyre residents affected by flooding. See the Resource Library section on WEATHER LINKS and very useful information from SCOTTISH FLOOD FORUM and PLANNING FOR EMERGENCIES.
  • Severe weather impacts such as the village being cut off due to Flooding or excessive snow fall
  • Long term power outage related to storms or other situations
  • Severe vehicle accident providing cover until Emergency services can attend
  • Missing persons search ( Police and Mountain Rescue are engaged initially but they may call SERT to support)
  • Any unexpected major emergency caused by any other situation.

Please visit the Facebook Page: for further information

Members of the Strathyre Emergency Response Team are:

(First Responders)  (First Aiders)

Damien Whearty,   Ewen Todd,  Lynne Flynn,  Lesley Whearty,  Catriona Mcgeoch

Kenny Higgins   Wullie Dalziel  Colin Adams     Bill Lindsay  Andy Bates   Jim Heron  Kevin Morton  Sally  Johnston   Lesley Lindsay  Sheridan Adams

Tommy Anderson   Linda Anderson   Stevie Black   Grant Gibson   Paul Johnston   Davey Allan  Andy Nixon  Garry Lowes   Andy Davis

Kerry Davis  Angela Matyjasek   Suzie Todd    Lorna Heron    Gary McDonald

Some of the above volunteers are assistants offering help in the event of a major emergency happening around the village.


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