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These pages have been pre-populated with some local Information. Please Join the Portal to benefit from access to more community information and updates.

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First time Mobile Users,

On the Search Bar type Login and press the magnifying glass icon Scroll down to the Green label  – select “Create New account” Then follow steps 2 -5 below

On Future visits – just use the Login option.

First time Desktop / Laptop / Tablet users :

  1. Click Join on the Red main menu bar then select the Green Labelled “Create New Account”
  2. Enter User Name (E.mail) and a Password
  3. Please add a profile picture. This helps new people to the village to recognise you
  4. Add a little about yourself (Optional) this could be as simple as “Im Hector and I like fishing and walking”
  5. Remember to save your information – You can then send other friends a message or just say hello.

Please pop on regularly to check what’s new on events and updates

MOBILE USERS  can go direct via these fast Links below:


  • Members  A list of everyone who has joined the village Portal – Please add yourself through the Join Button described above.
  • Forum The forum is snippets of information put out by Groups in the village
  • Groups show the pages dedicated to the Groups in the village ready for them to update once volunteers are found to do this.


Check the Events Diary to see what’s going on in the village – any event can be included.


In directory Scroll down below the categories and Map and you will see a list of all the businesses in the Village (could be several pages) includes places to stay, places to eat and drink, Self Catering, other Local Businesses and so much more, which the village can add as you become used to using the system.


This is a list of local people linked to their job/service with a short description of what they do and links to a web site etc.


This is aimed at Tourists and visitors to your village with details on things to see and do, History, Heritage our Myths and Legends or other appropriate information.  Visitor Health and Safety information can be found here

Village Blog on the left-hand side of the page to add Articles related to the Village.

Village Groups

This portal belongs to the people of the village. Please let us know if you wish to be involved in updating it for your group or for the village.

Its early days on this for everyone but it will grow to meet the future needs of the village the way the village wants it to.

  • Schools are often keen to get involved with some projects, which can be featured on the portal under teacher supervision.
  • Your community Police officer is able to update the village on anything important happening. If you want to receive these updates its important to be registered to receive them.
  • Local Community Trusts, Community Council or other representative groups can be added
  • Once online, you have the ability to add links to your own Web sites / Social Media links etc. and to communicate with friends and neighbours and do so much more.
  • For those happy to add a telephone number and e.mail address, this could become an up to date telephone directory for the village.
  • You can start your own Smart development page, which we hope will lead to an informal group to discuss the development of the Portal.

Blog Section

There is a Blog section on the left-hand side to use for community articles.

An Admins and Contributors User Guide can be found at: INFORMATION / TOWN DOCUMENTS on the Top Menu Bar.

Information / Town Documents include:

  • Weather and Travel
  • Council Services and National Park Links
  • Community Safety and Health links
  • User Guide for Admins and Contributors
  • Elected Representatives
  • Community Policing Updates page

Regular Updates

There will be new items regularly added so please check in now and then for what’s new.

If you would like to be involved in the development of your Smart Village Portal please let kenny@smartvillage.scot know – even if its only for your own group.

Thank you,


Smart Village Scotland


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